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Action Statuses

The Action Statuses maintenance page is accessed by selecting Action Statuses from the Admin menu. It is only accessible to System Admin or Admin users. This menu item will only appear if the Use Action Statuses option is turned on from the System Config page.

Action Statuses are assigned to an action by the end user on the Action Processing page to indicate progress made in completing the action. They are then included as a column in the Action List. Therefore the main criteria to consider when deciding what action statuses to set up is what information that you want available when viewing the Action List and using it to report on actions. An example list of action statuses is shown below.

Adding an Action Status

To add an action status click the Add button, enter a Name and an Order for the action status and then save the new record. The Order determines the order in which the stataus will appear on the **action statuses drop down list. The lowest order value will become the default status.

Editing an Action Status

To edit an existing action status click on the row in the list and edit the Name and/or Order as required. If you no longer wish an action status to be used then simply place a tick in the Inactive checkbox. Inactive records will be displayed in the list of action statuses with a line through their name, however they will no longer appear in the Action Statuses drop down on the Action Processing page.