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Adding an Assignment

Assignments are added via one of the following pages:

  • Template Maintenance
  • Document Assembly
  • Assignment Details (via the Dashboard)
  • Item Details (via the Documents Overview page)
  • Action Processing

In each of these areas assignments can be managed by expanding the collapsible Assignments panel. The Assignments panel is expanded by clicking anywhere on the panel header. The panel header will also indicate the number of existing assignments (if any).

Collapsed Assignment panel: Expanded Assignment panel: Note that, while the process of adding an assignment is the same in each area, the options available when configuring an assignment differs between areas.

To add an assignment click on the button. This will present a list of users from which to choose:

The end user can select one or more users to assign in one of the following ways:

  1. Clicking on an individual user.
  2. Using the Shift-Click key combination to select multiple adjacent users.
  3. Using the Ctrl-Click key combination to select multiple non-adjacent users.

Once the required user/s are selected click on the button to add assignments for the selected user/s. Alternatively click on the button to close the dialog without adding any assignments.

Once the required assignment/s are added the following 3 options can be configured: * Assignment Type: This will be one of Owner, Co-Author[^1], Reviewer or Content Creator. The available options will vary depending on which area of the system that assignments are being added to.[^2] * Order: This option is only available for reviewer assignments. It is used to control the order in which assignment notification emails are issued. [^3] * Due Date: The due date is used by the system when sending reminder notifications [^3]. If a due date has been set for the item then the assignment will inherit this due date.

An assignment can be removed by clicking the button in the Remove column.

The Name and Completed fields in the list of assignments are both read only.

Refer to the Re-opening an Assignment section of this user guide for more information.

[^1] Note that the name use to describe collaborators can be customised on a per site basis. The default value is "Co-Author", however it is possible that it is different for your site.

[^2] Refer to the Assignments Types section of this user guide for more information.

[^3] Refer to the Assignment Notifications section of this user guide for more information.