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Assignment Groups


The Assignment Groups maintenance page is accessed by selecting Assignment Groups from the Admin menu. It is only accessible to System Admin or Admin users.

The purpose of Assignment Groups is to automate adding of assignments when a new report item is created. Assignment groups work as follows:

  1. Set up each distinct combination of standard approval workflows as a pre-defined assignment group as described below e.g. each combination of Manager & Director
  2. Allocate the appropriate assignment group to each user via Admin | Users
  3. Whenever a user creates a report the assignments from their assignment group will be automatically added.
  4. A drop down list is available on the Assignment Details page that enables updating of the assignment group. In this case all existing assignments, aside from the owner assignment, are removed and replaced with the assignments from the selected assignment group.

An example list of assignment groups is shown below:

Adding an Assignment Group

To add an assignment group:

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Enter a Name for the assignment group.
  3. Click the Assign button and add the appropriate users to the group - see Adding an Assignment for more details.
  4. Specify the assignment type for each user and the Order for approvers/reviewers.
  5. Save the new record.

Editing an Assignment Group

To edit an existing assignment group click on the row in the list and edit the Name and Assignments as required. If you no longer wish an assignment group to be used then simply place a tick in the Inactive checkbox. Inactive records will be displayed in the list of assignment groups with a line through their name.