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Re-opening an Assignment

When a user who has been assigned to work on a document has completed their contribution, they are able to mark the assignment as being completed. At that point their Editing permissions on the file are changed to Read Only. This means that they can still view the document but no longer modify it.

The situation may arise where a completed assignment needs to be re-opened to give the user Edit access once again. This can be done by either: * The document owner via either the Documents Overview or Document Assembly pages * The item owner * A user who is further on in the approval workflow e.g.: * A reviewer could re-open an assignment for the owner or a co-author * Reviewer 2 could re-open an assignment for reviewer 1.

To re-open an assignment click on the button in the Reopen column. Note that this button only appears next to completed assignments.

This will open up the Reopen Assignment dialog:

If you wish to send an email notification then put a tick in the Send email notification to User Name checkbox, complete the rest of the email details as required and then click the button.

If you do not want to send an email notification then simply click the button. Alternatively, click the button if you do not want to proceed with re-opening the assignment.

[^1] Note that the name use to describe collaborators can be customised on a per site basis. The default value is "Co-Author", however it is possible that it is different for your site.