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Create a Report


From the dashboard under the 'Reports I Initiated' Section and select the ADD button to add a new report.

This will display a list of agendas that you have access to and can write reports against. Pick the correct document for your report to be included in.

Click on the appropriate document or meeting to expand it. This will display a list of the available areas of the document that you have permission to create reports. If the section of the document you want is not available please contact your Doc Assembler admin staff to have it added. Select the section of the agenda you wish to add your report to by clicking on it.

This will display the New Item box below. Give your report a name or title and select the 'Save' button. The name assigned here will be the title of your report so will not require entry in the actual report document.

This will create the document in the cloud and will also display the assignment detail tab as illustrated below.

If there are any numbers showing in the Custom Fields area, it means that you have a number of custom fields that you will need to add to the report. In the example below there are two (2).

These custom fields can be used to create and select all sorts of values. These are typically defined when the agenda is created and are used to allow you to populate your report in a standard way with consistent text,

Click the fields and select the appropriate value.

Select the “Apply To Doc” button to apply the values to the word document report.