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Using Custom Fields

Custom fields that have been added to a document section will appear on the Assignment Detail page for an item created within that section. Anyone who has been assigned access to the item can populate a custom field, typically this will be the item owner (author).

Custom Fields may be configured as follows:

  1. To be based upon predetermined options selected from a drop down list or to enable the end user to enter free text data.
  2. To enable data to be entered into placeholder values in the report item or as an information only field for data collection purposes. Information only fields have an "i" icon next their name e.g. Presentation Requirements in the screen shot above.
  3. As a mandatory field, in which case the user will not be able to complete their assignment until the custom field has been populated. Mandatory fields have an exclamation mark next to their name e.g. Community Strategic Plan in the screen shot above.
Information Only Fields

Information only fields are used to capture additional information about the report item, either for reporting purposes or to assist in the meeting preparation e.g. report type (information or decision), presentation requirements (audio/video/powerpoint etc) or presenters/speakers who will be in attendance.

The end user is required to either select the required value from a drop down list or enter the appropriate information into the data entry field. Information captured in this type of field is not inserted into the report item.

Inserting Custom Field Values into the Report Item

The process of applying (inserting) custom field values into the item content document is a simple two step process:

Firstly, for each custom field, either select the required value/s from the drop down list or enter the appropriate text into the data entry field:

Note that you can select all values in a group by clicking the bold group heading. You can also use the search feature at the top of the list to quickly locate items in a large list.

Secondly, click the Save/Apply To Doc button. After a custom field has been applied the details of what has been applied will be displayed as shown below:

It is not necessary to enter all custom field values at the same time.

If an incorrect value has been applied then simply select or enter the correct value and click the Save/Apply to Doc button.

Mandatory Custom Fields

Custom fields may be configured as Mandatory fields. Determination of which fields are mandatory is managed and maintained by Administrators. Custom Fields defined as mandatory are denoted by the icon next to the Custom Field name.

If a mandatory custom field is not applied to the report then at the time an end user attempts to mark the item as complete the following message will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen:

The report will not be able to be marked as complete until such time as the mandatory custom field data is selected/entered and saved/applied.