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Action Items

This area of the dashboard displays all items arising out of minutes processing that have been assigned to the end user to action.

All items displayed in this area are grouped by the document to which they belong.

A list of the individual items can be viewed by clicking on the document name in the list.

To action an item click on the row to open the action processing page:

The right hand section of the page contains a full copy of the council report, including council resolution.

The left hand section of the page is broken down into a number of sections which are described below.

Item Number & Title from the meeting minutes.

Action Required [^1]: Typically this is the resolution arising from the meeting with any additional comments from the "Minute's Secretary" to assist the officer assigned to action the item.

Action Taken [^1]: The officer assigned to action the item is able to enter a summary of the action taken within this area:

Completed Date:
The action item can be marked as completed by entering a date completed.

Attachments: Any attachments related to the report item will be listed here. An attachment can be viewed by clicking on the attachment name.

Assignments: The action can be assigned to another user to action by clicking on the assign button and then selecting the required user from the user selection pop-up.

[^1] Note that the editors are able to be re-sized in order to better view their contents using the re-size feature shown in the image below. To re-size an editor click where shown in the image below and drag to the required size: