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Report Items I've Initiated

This area of the dashboard displays all items that the end user is the owner of (i.e has initiated the item). Usually this means that the item has been created from the Dashboard using the "Add" button on the "Report Items I've Initiated" group header.

The end user is the owner of any item displayed in this area. They can upload attachments, apply custom fields, assign other users to work on the item and mark the item as completed.

All items displayed in this area are grouped by the document to which they belong. A list of the individual items can be viewed by clicking on the document name in the list.

Refer to the Working with Items section of this user guide for further information on working with individual items.

Adding a New Item

An end user can add items if they have been assigned to a document section as a content creator. Refer to the Template Maintenance and Document Assembly sections of this user guide for more information on content creator assignments.

To add a new item to a document the end user should click the button. They will then be presented with a list of document sections for which they have been assigned permission to add items.

In the above example there are 6 sections in 3 open documents that the user has permission to create new items for.

Clicking on one of these sections, e.g. "Reports of Officers | Development Services" will enable the end user to add a new item:

In this example multiple report templates (i.e. "Planning Report" & "Standard Report") are available for the end user to choose from. If only a single template is available then the "Template" drop down will not appear.

Once a name for the item has been entered clicking on the Save button will create the item and display the "Assignment Detail" page to the user:

Refer to the Working with Items section of this user guide for detailed information related to the "Assignment Details" page.