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Action Processing

Once an agenda has passed through the minutes processing stage then actions resulting from council resolutions may be assigned to users for completion.

In order to process actions for a meeting the document must first be changed into Actions mode. Changing the document into Actions mode is done from the Document Assembly page by:

  1. Selecting the document in the Document List
  2. Changing the value in the Mode drop down list from Minutes to Actions.

This will cause the Process Actions button to appear to the left of the Show Archived button. Clicking this button will take you to the actions processing area for the selected document.The Action Processing page shows the minutes text for the selected report item in the right hand panel. The panel on the left hand side of the page has various metadata items related to the selected report item.

Action Details:

  • Item Number & Title: this drop down list is used to select the report item that you wish to work with.
  • Mode:
  • Add: indicates that a new action is being added
  • Edit: indicates that an existing action is being edited
  • Action Status: this drop down list will only appear if enabled from the System Config page. It will display a site specific list of action statuses to select from.
  • Action Required: use this field to describe the action that must be taken by the assignee. A default value for this field can be set on the System Config page.

Action Taken: this panel is used by the assignee to progressively record the action/s that they take in relation to this item. To add a new action click the Add button. Each action will be automatically stamped with the current date and the user's name.

Attachments: any attachments that relate to this report item will be listed in this panel. An attachment can be viewed by clicking on it's name.

Assignments: Click on the Assign button in this panel to assign the action to one or more people.

If the appropriate settings have been configured for the document then when the action is saved the following will occur:

  1. The Due Date will be populated with the default due date for Actioners. This date can be overridden by clicking the calendar icon.
  2. An email notification will be sent to the assignee advising them that they have had a new action assigned to them.

An assignment can be marked as complete by clicking the button in the Mark as Complete column. This is designed to allow an administrator to mark another user's assignment as complete e.g. if the user has completed the action but has failed to mark the item as complete and is now away on leave.

A completed assignment can be re-opened by clicking the button in the Reopen column. Note that this button will only appear for completed assignments and is not shown in the image above.

An assignee can be removed by clicking the button in the Remove column.

Add New Action: each report item has a single action automatically created for it. If you wish to create and assign multiple actions for the same item then you can do so by clicking the Add New Action button.

This will create a separate action, linked to the selected item. When multiple actions exist for the selected item, the Previous Action and Next Action buttons will appear allowing you to navigate between actions for the selected item.