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Documents Overview

This page is designed to give a “dashboard” type view to document administrators. It summarises all current documents which the logged in user owns (i.e. all the current documents that the logged in user can view on the Document Assembly page) in both a “List View” and a “Calendar View”. It gives quick access to report items for a document to make it easier for the document administrator to monitor and manage outstanding report items in the lead up to production of a council agenda or other document.

The List View is a simple list of all current documents in date order. It includes statistics for each document broken down into 4 categories: 1. Overdue items 2. Items due in the next 7 days 3. Incomplete items 4. Complete items

Details of the meeting\event location related to the document are also displayed. Clicking on any row in the list drills down into a list of items for the document (see below for more details).

The Calendar View shows the same documents displayed on a calendar. In the default “month” view documents are shown as a coloured dot (see 29th September in the screenshot above). Further details of the documents on the calendar can be displayed in a number of ways: * Hovering over a coloured dot will display the title and location details of the document * Clicking on the day number itself (e.g. “29”) displays document title and location details on the calendar’s “day” view. * Clicking in the day’s box area will display a panel with document title and location details – clicking on a document from this panel drills down into a list of items for the document.

The calendar functions as you would expect with the ability to: * Navigate via the “Prev”, “Today” and “Next” buttons. * Switch to either a year, month, week or day view.

You can control which items are included in the Documents Overview using the "Contains Report Items” option in the Section Settings area on the Document Assembly/Template Maintenance pages. Only items contained within a section where this checkbox is ticked will appear in the Documents Overview. This allows you to exclude items in sections like your front page, table of contents, apologies etc., from inclusion in the Documents Overview page, therefore keeping the item statistics more relevant.

Item List

The Item List displayed when you drill down on a document from the Documents Overview page displays similar information to the Assignment List that is accessed via the Dashboard.

Clicking on a row, anywhere other than the “cog” button, will open up the Word or Google document associated with the item.

Clicking on the “cog” button will open up the Item Detail page, which is similar to the Assignment Detail page accessed via the Dashboard.

The Checked By Admin field is unique to the Item Detail page. It enables the document administrator to mark an item as having been checked by them. This field is simply designed to allow the document administrator to keep track of which items they have “checked” leading up to the assembly and publishing of a document.

Refer to the Working with Items section of this user guide for further information on working with individual items.