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Minute Processing Overview

In order to process minutes for a meeting the document must first be changed into minutes mode. This can only be done if at least one assembled document exists for the selected document. Changing the document into minutes mode is done from the Document Assembly page by:

  1. Selecting the document in the Document List
  2. Changing the value in the Mode drop down list from Authoring to Minutes
  3. The impact of changing the document into Minutes mode is:
  4. The Process Minutes button will appear to the left of the Show Archived button. Clicking this button will take you to the minutes processing area for the selected document.
  5. The most recently assembled document will be flagged as the Minutes Source. This is necessary as each time that a document is assembled a local copy of all of the item content documents (Word documents or Google Docs) is downloaded and stored on Harbour Software servers for use when processing minutes. The Minutes Source flag lets the system know which set of downloaded documents to use.
  6. Due to 3.ii above if you wish to make a change in one of the item content documents for use in minutes processing then, after doing so, you must:
  7. Change the document back into Authoring mode.
  8. Re-assemble the document.
  9. Change the document back into Minutes mode.
  10. Re-insert any minutes that had been inserted when the document was previously in Minutes mode.

In order to start working with the minutes for a particular meeting document click on the Process Minutes button. This will display the page below. In order to process a minute for a particular agenda item select it in the list on the left hand side - note that items will not be displayed if the “Assemble in Minutes Mode” option is not turned on at either the item or section level.

Detailed instructions relating to the processing of minutes can be found in the following sub articles: