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Item Content (Displaying Minutes to the Meeting)

Clicking the Item Content button will open a separate browser tab that shows the same display as the Item Content tab, with the addition of the item title at the top of the page. This is designed to enable displaying the contents of the selected report item to the meeting on a projector screen. The meeting will not see any of the working screens i.e. Minute Input, Minute Review etc.

The display is linked back to the Minute Processing page and will be automatically updated:

  1. When the Insert button is clicked.
  2. When the person recording the minutes changes from one item to another.

If the System Config | Minutes Scroll to Bottom in Item Content View setting is turned on then the display will automatically scroll to the end of the item when it is first displayed.

If you only want to display whatever is recorded in the minutes to the meeting e.g. Executive Summary and Resolution, then, when preparing your minutes prior to the meeting, click the Insert button after selecting the Minute Type.