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Minute Review

The Minute Review tab is mainly provided as a way to review the text of all minutes when more than one minute exists for a particular report item. Its features are described followng the screenshot below.

Insert the Minutes

When the Insert button is clicked:

  1. The text in the editor is inserted into the report item. This process uses the Insert Position value for the minute type to determine how and where to insert the minute text.
  2. All text between any {remove-from-minutes-start} and {remove-from-minutes-end} placholder field pairs is removed from the report item.
  3. The above 2 process will occur for all minutes that belong to this report item.

This is identical to what happens when the Insert button is clicked on the Minute Input tab.

Amend the Insert Position

If required the Insert Position for the minute can be changed. This is configured against the Minute Type and does not normally need to be altered here.

Re-order the Minutes

The minutes are shown in the order in which they will be inserted. Their order can be changed by using the button with the up and down arrows to drag and drop them into order. Note that when minutes are inserted they are grouped by their Insert Position, so you can only re-order a minute within its Insert Position grouping.

Delete a Minute

If multiple minutes have been added then unrequired minutes can be removed. At least one minute must always remain.