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Resolution Number Prefixes


Resolution number prefixes are optionally used when allocating resolution numbers to minutes. The prefix used is determined by the Meeting Type associated with the document that minutes are being processed for. Note that a prefix will only be used when it is assigned to a meeting type.

The Resolution Number Prefixes maintenance page is accessed by selecting Resolution Number Prefixes from the Admin menu. A list of existing prefixes is then displayed. You can edit an existing prefix by clicking on its row in the table, or add a new prefix by clicking the Add button in the top right of the page. A sample list of prefixes is displayed below.

Adding a Resolution Number Prefix

To add a resolution number prefix click the Add button, enter the prefix Text and the starting number in the Next Auto Incrementing Number field, and then save the new record.

Editing a Resolution Number Prefix

To edit an existing resolution number prefix click on the row in the list and edit the Text and/or Next Auto Incrementing Number as required. If you no longer wish a resolution number prefix to be used then simply place a tick in the Inactive checkbox. Inactive records will be displayed in the list of resolution number prefixes with a line through their name.