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Resolution Numbers


Doc Assembler can be configured to assign auto-incrementing resolution numbers to minutes. Resolution numbers can optionally have a prefix that is linked to the Meeting Type associated with the document.

Configuring Resolution Numbering

The first step in configuring resolution numbering is to tick the Use Resolution Number checkbox in the Minutes section of the System Config page.

If you are not going to be using Resolution Number Prefixes then specify the starting/next resolution number in the Next Auto Incrementing Resolution Number input box. Note that you can use a combination of this number and prefixes. Any document linked to a meeting type that does not have a prefix configured will default to using this sequence of numbers.

The next step is to configure Resolution Number Prefixes, if they are going to be used. Note that for a resolution number prefix to be used it must be linked to a Meeting Type.

The final step is to add the {resolution-number} smart field to each Minute Type that will require resolution numbers to be allocated. An example is shown below.

Assigning Resolution Numbers

Resolution numbers are assigned via the Minutes Processing page. Resolution numbers are allocated when the Apply button is clicked but only in the following circumstances: 1. The selected minute type has the Allocate Resolution Number option selected. 2. The Apply Resolution Numbers checkbox is ticked. This option allows you to control when resolution numbers are allocated. For example you may not wish the resolution numbers to be allocated until after the meeting, once all resolutions have been checked for completeness and accuracy.

Note that the Resolution Number field and Apply Resolution Number checkbox will only appear when the Use Resolution Number option is turned on in System Config and the selected minute type has the Allocate Resolution Number option selected.