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Resolution Register

Internal Resolution Register

The internal Resolution Register is accessed by selecting Resolution Register from the Admin menu.

The initial display will include each resolution where the meeting document that contains the minute meets the following criteria: 1. Is not marked as Inactive (Archived meeting documents are included). 2. The meeting date is populated and is in the default date range of the last 90 days. 3. The meeting type is populated.

The date range can modified by expanding the Current Date Range panel and selecting a new date range.

Displayed resolutions can be further filtered by expanding the Filter Search Results panel and entering any combination of the following search criteria: * Search Report Title: enter a (partial) search term for the report item title. * Search Resolution Text: enter a (partial)search term for the resolution text. * Search Resolution Number: enter a (partial) search for the resolution number (if resolution numbers are being used). * Meeting Types: select one or more meeting types from the drop down list. * Movers: select one or more movers from the drop down list. * Seconders: select one or more seconders from the drop down list.

The selected search criteria is displayed in the Applied Filters panel. Each search filter can be cleared individually by clicking the arrow next to it's name. All search filters can be cleared by clicking the Clear Filters button near the top right of the page.

Note that for movers and seconders will only be searchable using the drop down boxes if they were entered using the check boxes on the minute processing page. However they will still be searchable using the Search Resolution Text option if they were simply typed in.

Exporting Resolution Register Entries

The filtered resolution register entries can be exported to a CSV file, that can be opened in Excel, by clicking the Export to Excel button near the top right of the page.

Public Resolution Register

The Resolution Register can also be configured for external public access via a nominated URL that can be linked to from your organisation's website. In order for this to be enabled please contact our help desk.

The public register is effectively the internal register, with the following additional criteria applied, to limit the resolutions that are included in the public register: 1. The meeting document that contains the minute must be linked to a Meeting Type that has the Include in Public Resolution Register option selected. 2. The Minute Type for the minute must have the Include in Public Resolution Register option selected. 3. The minute must not have the Exclude from Public Resolution Register override selected.