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Move or Copy Item

It is possible to move or copy a report item to another document, or to another section within the same document.

A few example scenarios where moving or copying a document might be useful are:

  1. Moving a report item to a new agenda document where it is now going to be considered at a later council meeting than originally planned.

  2. Copying an existing report item to another document in order to save rewriting a similar report item from scratch. This is preferable to using copy and paste of the item text.

  3. Setting up a "Future Items" meeting agenda document where items can be written without yet specifying which meeting they belong to. When ready the item can be moved into the correct document.

Where the option to move a document is not available based on the rules outlined below, this panel will simply be labelled "Copy Item", and the option to move will not appear.

To move or copy an item:

  • Select the "Target Document" from the drop down list.
  • Select the "Target Section". Note that when the “Target Document” is chosen the “Target Section” will automatically be selected if a section with the same name as the source item’s section already exists in the target document.
  • If you wish to move the item then click the "Move Item" button.
  • If you wish to copy the item tick the "Copy" check-box then click the "Copy Item" button. *Note that when the "Copy" check-box is ticked the following additional options are availalbe:
  • New Item Title: enables the option of entering a new title for the copied item.
  • Copy Attachments: if selected then any attachments that exist on the existing item will be copied to the new item created by the copying process.
  • Keep Original Owner: this option is intended to cater for the situation where an administrator is copying a report item for another user and wants to retain the original owner for the copied report, rather than having themselves assigned as the owner.
  • Copy from Minutes: if selected then the copied item will include any Council resolution and related minutes. An example of when this might be used is to copy an item from a Committee meeting into a main council agenda. NB. This option will not be available if the source document is still in Authoring mode.

Items that are moved or copied are automatically assigned the next item in sequence in the target section. A document owner/administrator can re-order the item within the target section from the Document Assembly page if required.

Any assignments for items that are moved or copied will have their due dates set to the corresponding due dates of the target document.

Moving or copying is subject to the following rules:

  • Items can only be moved from a document that is in “Authoring” mode.
  • Items can be copied from a document regardless of the mode.
  • Items can only be moved or copied to a document that is in “Authoring” mode.
  • Items can only be moved or copied to a section that either:
  • the user has been assigned “content creator” permissions to or
  • is in a document that the user is “owner” of.