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Permissions Queue

The Permissions Queue page is accessed by selecting Permissions Queue from the Admin menu. It is only accessible to System Admin or Admin users.

Doc Assembler manages permissions (edit or read only) on the underlying Word document or Google Docs that are used for item content e.g. an officer's report or the front page of an agenda. These permissions are processed in a queue, which is checked for unprocessed requests every 5 seconds. There is a separate queue for each organisation.

The Permissions Queue page can be used to see if there are any unprocessed permission requests e.g. if a user was being told by the system that they did not have access to a newly created report. It can also be used to view a history of processed permission requests.

When the permissions queue page is first opened it defaults to showing any requests that have not yet been processed. The page auto updates every 10 seconds when viewing unprocessed requests. If requests are not being removed from the queue then you should contact Harbour Software for assistance.

A history of permission requests that have been processed can also be viewed by clicking the Show History button. This defaults to showing requests processed in the last hour, but you can specify your own date range to view details of older requests.