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Release Version 19.08.2

Date: 26th August 2019

Version Numbers

We have changed the version numbering for Doc Assembler from this release onwards. The version numbering is now in the format year.month.release. So this version, 19.08.2 is the second release for August 2019. We have made this change for internal reasons, to help with management of our development list. But if you are wondering why we jumped from version 5.5 to 19.08.2, now you know :-).

Blank Line/Paragraph After Attachment List

We have made a change to the way that the attachment list is inserted so that it no longer adds an extra blank line/paragraph after the list.

Check for Duplicate Items/Attachments Prior to Document Assembly

When a document is assembled the system will now first check if there are any items or attachments with duplicate numbers. If any duplicates are found then the user will be advised of the details so that they can be fixed.

Ability to Resize Attachments to A4 Size

We have added a new option named "Resize All Attachment to A4" to the Template/Document Settings. If ticked all PDF attachments, including attachments converted to PDF, will be resized to fit on an A4 page when they are uploaded to Doc Assembler. It is expected that this will mostly involve shrinking the attachment, however it will also handle attachments that are smaller than A4 size, in which case the attachment will simply be added to an A4 page, without changing the size of the attachment content itself.

Template/Document Level Owner & Viewer Assignments (Only Applies to Office 365 Sites)

In the past, owner & viewer assignments at the top level of a template/document would generate individual permission requests for each Word document that was linked to the template and to any documents created from that template. Sometimes this would generate hundreds of permission requests when certain changes were made, "clogging up" the permissions queue.

We are now managing the permissions for owners & viewers at the top level of a document/template using SharePoint groups. For each template two SharePoint groups are created, one for Writers (owner assignments) and one for Readers (viewer assignments). Each user at the top template level is assigned by the system to one of these two groups, depending on whether they are assigned as an owner or a viewer. Every Word document that is created for the template, and for any documents created from that template, has the Writers group granted write permissions and the Readers group granted read permissions. So when you add or remove an owner or viewer to/from a template, all that the system has to do is to add or remove the user from the relevant group. Just a single permission change.

This change is mostly just a behind the scenes changes. The only changes that will be evident to users are:

  1. For end users there will be less assignment permissions that are processed when a new report is created, so they will get to their new report a little bit quicker.
  2. For admins there will also be significantly less assignment permissions to be processed:
    • when users are assigned or removed as owners or viewers
    • when Word documents are added to or removed from a section or item in a template
  3. For admins, these top level assignments can no longer be managed at the document level via the Document Assembly page. They are simply managed at the template level via the Template Maintenance page. This was the best way to manage them in the past anyway as these changes have always flowed through from Template Maintenance to Document Assembly.

Note that there is no change to the management of assignments at the item level.