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Release Version 19.10.1

Date: 7th October 2019

Inline & Single Attachment Resizing

The following enhancements have been made to single attachment resizing (introduced in the last update).

  1. The attachment resize percentage will now apply when assembling in Single attachment mode, previously it only applied when assembling in Inline attachment mode.
  2. A new option has been added that allows the resize percentage to be overridden at the individual attachment level, previously it could only be set at the document level. To enable this option tick the "Resize Inline & Single Attachments at Attachment Level" checkbox. When this option is turned on for an existing agenda/document it will set the resize percentage for all existing attachments to the document resize percentage. This means that if you ever need to reset the percentage for all attachments then you can do so by turning this option off and then back on again.

When this option is turned on a new column will appear in the attachment upload panel that allows the user uploading the attachment, or a document administrator, to specify a percentage at the attachment level. This percentage defaults to the document resize percentage when a new attachment is added.

Note that any percentage less than 1 or greater than 99 will be ignored. So setting the percentage to either 0 or 100 will mean that the attachment will not be resized.

Action List

A new option has been added to the Action List to allow filtering out of "unassigned" actions. Note that an action is only considered as unassigned if it was previously assigned to one or more users and has subsequently had all assignments removed.

Text Editors

The text editors used in Doc Assembler have been updated to provide improved functionality and an improved user interface. These editors are used in a number of places throughout the application including Minutes Processing, Action Processing, Custom Field maintenance, Minute Types maintenance and when sending an email to re-open an assignment.

Note that clicking on any of the buttons with 3 vertical dots at the end of each button group, will display further buttons related to the selected group.

Publishing to Docs On Tap

When publishing to Docs On Tap if a document or attachment with the same name is found in the same location then the file will be updated. This will now only apply if the existing document or attachment has not been marked as deleted in Docs On Tap. In other words if you want to publish from scratch, delete the document in Docs On Tap first, and then re-publish from Doc Assembler.

Publishing to TRIM (Content Manager)

We now strip out any invalid file name characters when uploading attachments directly from TRIM.

We also fixed an issue that caused an error when uploading attachments from TRIM where the conversion to PDF failed for any reason. In this scenario we upload the file in its original format.