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Release Version 19.10.2

Date: 31st October 2019

Action List Filter and Column Sort Settings

Filter and column sort settings will now be retained when returning to the Action List, after having drilled down into an individual action from the Action List.

Action List filter settings are also retained if you go to another part of application and then return to the Action List.

The filter settings will only be cleared if you refresh your browser, log out of Doc Assembler or click the Clear Filters button.

Actions - Mark as Complete

  • It is now mandatory to have added at least one "Action Taken" before marking an action as complete. The user will be presented with a message advising them that they need to add an Action Taken if they try to mark it as complete without one.
  • When an action is marked as complete then it's status will automatically be set to the last Action Status based on the Action Status Order field. If you are not currently using Action Statuses then you can turn them on from the System Config page.

Resolution Register Enhancements

  • You are now able to filter by meeting name in the Resolution Register. A new drop down labelled "Meetings" contains a list of all available meetings for the selected date range. The user can select one or more meetings from the list in order to filter the displayed items.
  • The Resolution Register can now be exported to PDF. The contents of the PDF will be determined by the filters applied in the Resolution Register.

Dashboard Improve speed when clicking Add report Item

We have significantly improved the speed of loading up the available Item Templates when adding a new report item from the Dashboard.

Custom Field Ordering

We have added a new Order field to custom fields, custom field groups and custom field values. This allows complete control of the order that the fields, groups and values are displayed in, if you wish to override the default alphabetical ordering.

  • Custom fields, groups & values are all ordered first by Order then by Name
  • The order defaults to 0 so that if you are not using the order everything will still be sorted alphabetically. If you are using a mix of ordered and non-ordered then the non-ordered fields, groups, values will be displayed first alphabetically.
  • The Custom Field drop down at the Section level is still sorted alphabetically for ease of finding the required custom fields when configuring your templates. Once added the custom fields appear in the table below sorted by Order then by Name.

Assembly Mode Placeholder Field

We have added a new placeholder field {assembly-mode} that can be used in the Style Sheet Page Header or Page Footer text. An example of how this new field could be used is shown below:

The default values for this placeholder field will be:

  • Authoring mode: "Agenda"
  • Minutes mode: "Minutes"

Specific values can also be set in the Style Sheet Page Setup page as shown below:

Text Watermark On Assembled Document

It is now possible to add a simple text watermark to an assembled document similar to the example below:

The text and formatting of the watermark is configured on the new Watermark tab on the Style Sheet panel. By default the watermark text has been set to "DRAFT" with a font size of 96px, your organisations standard font type and a light gray colour:

You control whether or not the watermark is added at the point of assembling the document using the new "Add Watermark" checkbox:

Watermarks are also added to attachments when using the Inline or Single attachment modes.

Include Title In TOC/Outline

to enable greater control over the assembled document, The Include Title in TOC/Outline setting, for Sections, Item Defaults and Items, has now been split into two separate settings - Include Title in TOC and Include Title in Outline. To mimick existing behaviour (and save one extra click), if Include Title in TOC is turned on then Include Title in Outline will automatically also be turned on, however it can be turned off if required.

Note that "Outline" refers to the PDF bookmarks that usually appear in the left hand navigation panel of a PDF document.

Checking for Duplicate Item and Attachment Numbers

  • We now check for duplicate attachment number when generating an item draft
  • Fixed some edge cases that prevented correct identification of duplicate item and attachment numbers.

Differentiation Between Document Assembly and Template Maintenance Pages

We have put a blue colour bar down the left hand side of the Document Assembly page and a red colour bar down the left hand side of the Template Maintenance page.