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Release Version 19.11.1

Date: 7 November 2019

It is now possible to add an image into the page header and/or page footer. The images are in addition to the existing capability to add text into the left, centre and right of the page header and footer.

The images are uploaded via the Page Header or Page Footer tabs of the document/template Style Sheet. The following 3 settings can then be applied to the uploaded image:

  1. Alignment: left, centre or right
  2. Top/Bottom Margin (cm): how far down from the top of the page should a header image be placed OR how far up from the bottom of the page should a footer image be placed.
  3. Right/Left Margin (cm): how far in from the left margin should a left aligned image be placed OR how far in from the right margin should a right aligned image be placed.

Two examples of what can be achieved with the header and footer images are shown below:

Left aligned header image:

Centre aligned full width header and footer images:

Action List - Display of Completed Actions

First a bit of background explanation.

When displaying completed actions there are 2 separate settings related to the Completed Date that have an impact on the data displayed.

  1. Show/Hide Completed button and Show completed from date:

When the Action List is first opened it defaults to only displaying incomplete actions. In order to view completed actions you must click the Show Completed button. This will then add to the existing display of incomplete actions any completed actions for the last month (indicated by the date showing in the Show completed from box). So you will now be viewing incomplete actions plus any completed actions for the last month. You can alter the date in the Show completed from box in order to change the starting date for completed actions e.g. you could move it back another month in order to see all actions completed in the last 2 months.

  1. Date Completed Range

In the Filter Actions* panel you are able to apply a Date Completed Range. In the example above we are applying a range that will show all completed actions for the 3rd quarter of 2019. When this filter is applied only completed actions*** will be displayed i.e. all incomplete actions will have been "filtered out".

The change that we have made in this release is that the Show completed from date will no longer have any impact when a Date Completed Range is applied. Previously the Show completed from date was overriding the starting date of the Date Completed Range, causing some confusion in regards to the result set that was being displayed.