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Release Version 20.01.1

Date: 15 January 2020

Default Options When Adding a New User

The default options when adding a new user have been modified to reflect the most common scenario, with the following checkboxes ticked:

Docs Overview Enhancements

When viewing the detail of an item via the Docs Overview page we have added 2 new features to help administrators when preparing an agenda for assembly:

  1. Move previous/next arrows in the top right hand corner of the page. This makes it easier to move through the items in a document without having to go back to the list of items each time.
  2. A read-only checkbox that indicates whether all assignments have been marked as complete for the item being viewed.

We have added a link to the Action Processing" page that will open the original report (Word or Google document). We also ensure that anyone assigned to an action is granted read-only access to be able to view the report.

  • We have fixed an issue that caused the page numbering to be incorrect if the Table of Contents (TOC) for the Single Attachment PDF went over more than one page.
  • We also now print the footer on all pages of the Single Attachment PDF.
  • The header is only printed if the Style Sheet | Page Header | Include on First Page option is selected.

Archiving of Templates

It is now possible to archive old templates on the Template Maintenance page (in the same way that documents can be archived on the Document Assembly page). Previously the only option was to mark them as Inactive. Marking a superseded template as Archived is preferable to using the Inactive option. The Inactive option should only be used for a template that was a test or a duplicate or something similar.