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Release Version 20.06.1

Date: 5th June 2020

SharePoint Integration

We have enabled SharePoint as both an attachment source and a publish destination. To make these available you need to tick the new Use SharePoint Integration checkbox in the System Config | SharePoint Integration panel.

When this option is turned on SharePoint will become an available option in the following scenarios:

Publish Destination Choice: available at both the individual report item level and the document (agenda/minutes) level. This choice will pop-up a folder picker where the user will be able to choose any SharePoint folder that they have access to as a publish destination.

Attachment Source: to enable attachments to be uploaded from SharePoint. Users will have access to any file that they have access to in SharePoint to upload into Doc Assembler as an attachment.

  • If the attachment is in Word or Excel format it will be uploaded as a "collaborative/working" attachment. That is it will left in its original format so that those working on the report have access to edit the attachment during the authoring and approval/review process. This will be subject to normal security permissions i.e. once a user marks their assignment as complete their access to the attachment will be changed to read-only.
  • Attachments in any other format will be processed as "fixed/static" attachments i.e. they will be uploaded and, if the option is turned on, converted to PDF. They will not be editable.

In order for the required permissions to be granted to the Doc Assembler application itself it is necessary for someone with Azure Active Directory administration privileges to go through the Azure Active Directory authorisation process again. Instructions for doing this can be found here: (the last step "Testing the Integration" can be skipped). If you require further information or assistance please contact the Harbour Software support desk via email to

Updated Attachment Selection Menu

We have updated the user interface for selecting the source when uploading attachments. Instead of multiple buttons there is now a sub-menu with all available options. The pencil icon indicates that the uploaded attachment will be editable (with SharePoint this is subject to the rules based on attachment type that are detailed above).

Minutes Processing - Minute Input Pop Out Display Option

The existing Minutes Processing | Item Content pop-out page, used to display the currently selected report item on a projector screen to the meeting, always displays the full content of the report, less any text removed using the {remove-from-minutes-...} placeholders.

We have introduced a new option that enables the text of the currently active minute, i.e. the text that is in the Minute Input editor, to be displayed. This option is enabled by ticking the new Use Minute Text in Item Content checkbox in the System Config | Minutes panel.


This new option operates in a similar manner to the existing behaviour when the full report is displayed i.e. the onscreen display will be updated when the selected item is changed and when the Insert button is clicked. In addition to this it will also be updated when a different minute is selected from the Minutes drop down - this only applies if multiple minutes have been created for the one report item.

Customisation of Attachment Heading on Attachments in Inline and Single Mode

Up until now, if you were using the {attachment-number} placeholder field in the header or footer of a attachments assembled in Inline or Single mode, the text inserted was always in the format "Attachment n.n.n" e.g. "Attachment 8.3.4". We now allow you to customise the text to appear in the header or footer. To do this we have enabled three different placeholder fields:

  • {attachment-prefix}: this defaults to the word "Attachment", however it can be customised to text of your own choosing using the new Attachment Prefix field in the Style Sheet | Page Setup panel

  • {attachment-number}: this will insert the attachment number e.g. "8.3.4"
  • {attachment-name}: this will insert the name of the attachment

An example of using all 3 fields in the page header is shown below.

Resize All Attachments to A4

Some sites reported a corruption of comment annotations contained in attachments if they were uploaded with the Resize All Attachments to A4 option turned on. We have fixed this bug.

Documents Overview

Column headers are now sortable in the list of report items displayed when you drill down on a meeting/document in Documents Overview.

Attachment List

When using one of the {attachment-list} placeholder fields, a blank line (return) will no longer appear after the text "Nil" which is inserted when there are no attachments.

Reports Filtering

Fixed a bug in the Reports module that meant that if you clicked a group heading in a filter drop down list, even though all items in the group were selected in the drop down, none of them were included in the filter.

PDF Optimisation

One of the default options for the recently release PDF Optimisation feature was to Flatten Annotations. Some sites reported that this option stopped annotation links from working. As a result we have removed this as a default option when PDF Optimisation is selected.

Publishing to Seamless

We have made a small change to the wording of the "Meeting Summary" for documents published to Seamless. It has been changed from "Day Date Month, Year being held at Venue, Town at Time" to "Day Date Month, Year Venue, Town at Time". The text "being held at" was removed in order for the summary to work equally well for agendas and minutes.

Release Notes Mailing List

A new checkbox has been added to the user details page to indicate whether a user should be sent release notes when a new version of Doc Assembler is released. We have populated this field from our current release notes mailing list. You can maintain the field as required going forward.