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Release Version 20.06.2

Date: 30th June 2020

Attachment Upload Menu

We have further refined the appearance and operation of the attachment upload menu as follows:

  1. Combined the two Local or network drive options into one and made them both work like the new SharePoint option i.e. they automatically leave Word and Excel files in their original format and editable. Other formats get converted to PDF (if the option is on) when they are uploaded.
  2. Made upload of attachments from TRIM work the same way as outlined in point 1 with relation to Word and Excel files.
  3. Removed all pencil icons as they are no longer needed.
  4. Added a note next to the Convert to PDF checkbox that indicates how the uploading features work in relation to the various file formats.

Attachment Information

We now provide the following information related to an attachment in a pop-up that appears when you hover over an attachment name:

  • Name of person who uploaded/attached the file
  • Date the file was uploaded/attached
  • Source of file e.g. SharePoint, TRIM (note that the source will only be available for attachments created from this release onwards)

Assignment Logs

We now provide a log of assignment events related to a report item via a new tab on the Assignment panel. We log the following events (note that events are only logged from this release onwards):

  • Add assignment
  • Remove assignment
  • Change assignment role
  • Mark assignment as complete
  • Re-open assignment

Custom Order of Business (OOB)

  • Fixed a problem that caused the OOB to double up when the document was assembled in Minutes or Actions mode.
  • Changed the {recommendation} placeholder to pull in the minutes for the item, rather than the recommendation, when the document is assembled in Minutes or Actions mode.

Updating of Cloud Drive Credentials Password

For those sites where their system user password is changed on a periodic basis, it is now possible to enter the new password via the Cloud Drive Credentials panel on the System Config page. To avoid any outages, you should be co-ordinating this change with whoever in your IT area manages the changing of the system user password.

Publishing of Individual Items

We now provide the option to publish individual items to the same folder as the main document i.e. to whatever publish destination has been added to the document on the Document Assembly page. This applies to the following publish destination types:

  • infoXpert (Magiq Documents)
  • Objective
  • SharePoint
  • TRIM

In order for this to occur the new "Publish Individual Items to Document Destination" checkbox must be ticked.

Note that only reports in a section where the "Contains Report Items" checkbox is ticked will be published. Individual items within such a section can be excluded by ticking the "Is Not a Report Item checkbox.

We also took the opportunity to make the following changes to the FTP publish destination type:

  • Use the Contains Report Items* option to control which items are published - they are still published to the /items*** sub-folder
  • Implement the Include Document Title for Individual Items option
  • Implement the Publish Individual Items As Word Docs option

Publishing to Magiq Documents (infoXpert)

When publishing to Magiq Documents we now strip out any "/" characters and replace them with a "-" in order to avoid publishing errors.

Multi-line Headers/Footers on Inline and Single Attachments

The various new line variables, i.e. {nl} {newline} etc., now work correctly on attachment headers and footers. This allows for multi-line headers and footers to work correctly on attachments. See the following example of footer text split over two lines.

Release Notes

All users will now be presented with an in-app notification when a new version of Doc Assembler has been released. The notification will provide the following options:

  1. Read the release notes immediately
  2. Receive a reminder to read the release notes in 7 days
  3. Dismiss the notification and not read the release notes at all.

This in-app notification is in addition to the email that is sent to users who are configured to receive the release notes email.

Assignment Issues

The following two bugs related to assignments have been fixed:

  1. When a report item was moved, users who had complete their assignment were having their permissions on the Word/Google document set to edit, when they should have been left as read only.
  2. If an author created a new report item and then marked it as complete, without leaving the assignment detail page, then the wrong assignment was being marked as complete.

Renaming of Word Documents by Template Owners

We now set the permission type for users assigned to a Template as an Owner to "Contributor" rather than "Editor". This allows these users to rename Word documents in SharePoint. Note that this new permission will only be applied to Word documents created or linked from this release onwards. If you need to rename an existing file in SharePoint you can update the permission by removing it and then re-linking it.