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Release Version 20.07.1

Date: 2nd August 2020

Warning When Marking Assignment as Complete

A warning will now appear to an approver/reviewer if they try to mark an assignment as complete, and earlier incomplete assignments exist e.g. an approver goes to mark their assignment as complete while there are still incomplete owner or co-author assignments; approver 3 goes to mark their assignment as complete before approver 2 has done so.

Prevent Assignment Due Dates from Being Changed to a Date Later than the Defaults

A new option has been added at the template/document level to prevent a user from changing an assignment due date to later than the defaults.

When this option is turned on, if a user tries to do so then they will recieve a warning message when they go to save their changes. The assignment date will be set back to the default date. The user can then choose to save or cancel.

Allow Time to Be Specified for Due Date Defaults

When setting Due Date Defaults in template maintenance it is now possible to set the time to be used. Due to the fact that the Due Dates are calculated from the Meeting Date, previously the time just defaulted to the meeting time. Now you can control the default time used for assignment due dates e.g. the time could be set to 5:00 pm to make the time correspond with "close of business" on the due date. Note that if the time is not populated in the Due Dates Defaults then things will continue to operate as they currently do i.e. the time will be populated with the meeting time.

At the same time we have changed the displayed times throught the system to 12 hour format, rather than 24, and also removed the seconds portion of the time.

Inserting Images into HTML/Text Editor

We fixed a bug that stopped images that were inserted into the HTML/Text editor used in custom fields and minute types, from appearing properly when inserted into reports.

Identification of Duplicate Section/Item/Attachment Numbers

When assembling a document or generating an item draft, duplicate section, item or attachment numbers can cause an error. We have improved the process used by the system to identify these duplicates. You will now receive a user friendly error message alerting you to the duplicate and where it is located i.e. section, item or attachment number, so that you can fix it and move on with assembly of your document.

Issues with Template Writer/Reader Security Groups

We fixed a couple of issues related to the writer and reader security groups that control permissions to all Word/Google docs for top level document/template owners and viewers:

  1. Permissions were not being applied to Word or Excel attachments left in their native format for collaboration purposes.
  2. These groups were not being populated correctly when a new template was created using the Copy Existing Template option.

Publishing Via Email - New Option

We have added a new Publish Destination option to Exclude Main Document when publishing via email. This was introduced to try to help with working around email attachment size limitations.

Minute Processing Pop Out Item Content Window Font Size

When we introduced the Minutes Processing - Minute Input Pop Out Display Option in version 20.06.1 we were increasing the size of the font for the displayed minute input text to 110%. We have found that this has caused formatting issues in some instances. So we now default that back to 100%, however you can increase the font size via Admin | System Config | Minutes if required.