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Release Version 20.08.1

Date: 31st August 2020

Minutes Processing - Carried Unanimously

Two new options have been added to the minute processing placeholder fields drop down list:

  • {carried-or-lost-unan} - if the voting is unanimous then this will print "Carried Unanimously".
  • {carried-or-lost-uppercase-unan} - if the voting is unanimous then this will print "CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY".

Voting will be considered unanimous if votes for are greater than votes against AND votes against are zero.

Prevent a user from moving an item after completing their assignment

We closed a "loophole" that enabled a user to move an item after completing their assignment.

Directorate Auto Insert Field

We have enabled the User Directorate field to be used in Item Content Templates as a placeholder field. The placeholder field must be inserted into the template as {directorate}. The User Directorate field is manually populated and maintained via Admin | Users.

User List - Hide Inactive Users

The user list, accessed via Admin | Users, will now default to only displaying active users. Inactive users can be viewed by clicking the Show Inactive button on the top left of the page.

Renaming of Action List to Action Register

The "Action List" has been renamed to "Action Register" to bring it into line with the naming used for the Resolution Register.

Action Register - Expand All Minutes

We've added a button to the Action Register to allow expanding or collapsing all minutes. Minutes appear in a second row below the action.

Action Register - Option to Use User Position Instead of Name

We have added a new option under Admin | System Config | Actions named Use Position For Assignees In Action Register. When turned on the user's position, rather than their name, will be displayed in the Assignee/s and Action Taken columns of the Action Register.

Note that with regard to Action Taken the position and name will appear as they are at the time that the action is added i.e. modifying a name or position later will not flow back to existing Action Taken entries. All existing Action Taken entries have had their position value populated with the user's current position as at the time of this release.

Action Register - Export as Word Document

In addition to being able to export the Action Register to PDF or Excel, you can now export it as a Word document. This makes it easier to perform modifications to the exported document before distributing it.

Action Register - Action Taken Formatting

We have improved the formatting of the Action Taken entries in the Action Register. Previously there was some inconsistency regarding the line spacing that we applied before and after the heading (bold text with date and actioner details) that appears for each Action Taken.

Action Processing - Bug With Editing Actions

We fixed a bug that prevented adding/editing of Actions taken in the following scenario:

Action Register -> Action Processing -> Action Takens (no issues) then back to Action Register -> Action Processing -> Action Takens (the editor would not load)

Action Processing - Action Required Formatting Options

We have added more formatting options to the Action Required editor on the Action Processing page to give more control over the text entered or pasted into this field.

We have also added a new option in Admin | System Config | Actions named Action Required Paste Plain. If this option is turned on then any text pasted into the Action Required editor will have the majority of its "rich text" formatting stripped. This is similar to the "paste as plain text" option available in other applications, such as Microsoft Word. If you are copying and pasting the item's resolution into this editor, and having any issues with modifying the format of the pasted text, then turning this option on may help.

Action Taken Date

We now use the "date initially created" as the date that is displayed for Action Taken entries. Previously we used the "date last modified", which meant that the date would change if a modification was made to an Action Taken entry.

Ability to Delete an Unassigned Action

Admin users now have the ability to delete an unassigned action. An unassigned action occurs if you remove all assignees from an action - maybe because you assigned them in error. These actions can be excluded from the Action Register, however by default they appeared as "Unassigned" in order to alert you to the fact that they may need to be re-assigned to someone else. Now they can be removed completely by clicking the Delete Action button. Note that this button will only appear if all assignees have been removed from the action.

Custom OOB - Additional Fields and Fixes

We have made the following placeholder fields available to the custom OOB:

  • {recommendation} - this field brings in the recommendation into the OOB.
  • {minute}- this field brings in the minute (resolution) into the OOB.
  • {recommendation-minute} - this field brings the recommendation into the OOB when the document is assembled in authoring mode. It brings the minute/resolution into the OOB when the document is assembled in minutes mode.
  • {directorate} - this field will bring in the value from the Directorate field for the item's owner assignee.

We also fixed a number of problems and anomolies including: * Font issues when importing recommendations * Incorrect page numbering * Recommendation not coming into the OOB if it was contained in a table * Empty paragraph appearing after the recommendation placeholder

Document Assembly - Document Sorting

We have enabled sorting by ascending or descending order in the document list on the Document Assembly page. So there are now 4 options:

  1. Alpha-numeric ascending (A to Z)
  2. Alpha-numeric descending (Z to A)
  3. Meeting date ascending (earliest date first)
  4. Meeting date descending (latest date first)

To cycle through the 4 options simply click the sort button on the document list header.

Importing Reference Documents from SharePoint

We have enabled importing of Reference Documents (on the Dashboard) from SharePoint.

Publishing via Email - Individual Item Naming

When naming the individual item files (PDF or Word), publishing via email now takes into account the report number Include in Item Title section level setting i.e. the report number will now be included in the name given to the file attached to the email.

Single Attachments - Apply Text Transform to TOC

The Table of Contents at the front of the Single Attachment PDF, gets its styling from the main document's Stylesheet | TOC tab. It now applies the text transform setting (captilize, uppercase or lowercase) along with the other style settings.

Approver Notifications - New Option When Using Collaborator2 Assignment Type

For those sites using the additional Collaborator2 assignment type, we have added a new Assignment Notification option that allows the Collaborator2 assignment type to be ignored when Doc Assembler determines whether or not to send Reviewer/Approver notifications.

This new option is only visible when the Collaborator2 assignment type is "turned on" via Admin | System Config, so for most sites this option will not appear.