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Release Version 20.09.1

Date: 30th September 2020

Reminder Notifications Now Sent As Single "Digest" Email

The daily reminder notifications, sent at 10:00 am AEST, for assignments that are approaching their due date will now be sent as a single "digest" email, rather than as an individual email for each item. Note that this does not impact other notifications e.g. new assignment, co-author assignment completed, assignment re-opened etc. These other notifications are still sent immediately as individual emails.

Custom OOB - Minute Notes Placeholder Field

We have added a new placeholder field {minutes-notes} that will extract any notes added against an item via Minutes Processing. This field will only be populated when the document is being assembled in Minutes mode.

All meeting related placeholder fields are now available for use in the Stylesheet Page Header and Page Footer e.g. {meeting-date}, {meeting-time}, {meeting-venue} etc.

To support this we have added in fields to enable specification of the format for the {meeting-date} and {meeting-time} and also the {current-date} and {current-time} fields.

As part of this change the following applies:

  • The format specifiers used for the date and time fields have changed for Office 365 sites. The format specifier syntax to be used for all platforms is specified in the user guide at the link above. We have updated all existing format specifiers to use the new syntax.

  • Previously, for Office 365 sites, the meeting related fields were populated when the document (agenda) was created e.g. in the front/cover page. They are now updated when the document is assembled. The benefit of this approach is that it enables you to add, fix or modify any placeholder fields as necessary, prior to assembling the document.

Updating Custom Field Values

Previously if a custom field placeholder was missing or incorrect, then fixing it in the report and re-applying the custom field value did not work, as the system only looked for a bookmark for a custom field that was being re-applied. This has been changed so that we always look for the placeholders, regardless of whether or not the field has already been applied. This feature will mainly be useful if you have copied a report and the existing placeholder fields didn't exist - or for testing purposes when setting up a new report layout.

Ability to View/Download an Item's Minutes Word Document

In addition to being able to view the Minutes PDF for an individual item, you can now view/download this same file in Word (docx) format.

Item Publish Destinations - Only Allow 1 Per Item

There is now a new option in Admin | System Config | Items to limit the number of publish destinations at the item level to a single publish destination.

TRIM (Content Manager) Integration Settings

We removed redundant settings from the TRIM Integration settings in the System Config page.

Publishing to SharePoint

We now remove the following illegal characters from the document/item/attachment titles when publishing to SharePoint:


Previously, if these characters existed in the title, then the publishing would have failed.

Single Attachment Document Assembly Errors

We fixed a bug that caused intermittent failures in the production of the Single Attachment PDF when assembling in Single Attacment mode.

Single Attachment - Display File Size

If you hover over the link to open the Single attachment PDF the file size will now be displayed.

Publish Individual Items to Docs On Tap

When publishing to Docs On Tap it is now possible to choose to publish the individual items as well as, or instead of, the main document (i.e. agenda/minutes).

Note that if you only want the individual items to go and not the main document then tick the Exclude Main Document checkbox.

Publish Individual Items to Document Destination

We recently introduced a new option "Publish Individual Items to Document Destination" (see This option was mutually exclusive of the "Publish Individual Items" option. That is you could you choose to publish individual items to their own publish destination OR you could choose to publish individual items to the document's publish destination. But you could not do both together on the one publish destination. If you did want to do both you would need two separate publish destinations and you would potentially end up with the main document published twice.

With this release we have enabled both options to be selected on an individual publish destination. In that case:

  • Individual items with a publish destination will be published to that publish destination.

  • All items in a section with Contains Report Items ticked will be published to the document's publish destination.

Publish Individual Items in Single Attachment Mode

When using the Publish Individual Items option for a document assembled using Single Attachment mode we now publish the individual attachment files along with the individual items.