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Release Version 20.11.1

Date: 9 November 2020

Uploading of Email Attachments

Emails with a .msg extension will now be converted to PDF when uploaded as an attachment.

Notify User if Attachment PDF Conversion Fails

When uploading attachments that are immediately converted to PDF - Powerpoint, email and images - we now provide an obvious message at the bottom of the screen to the user if the PDF conversion fails. The message won't disappear until the user clicks on it.

Item Level Reader Assignments

We have introduced a new category of assignment at the item level named Reader. We have also renamed the document level assignment that was previously called Viewer to Reader.

This new assignment category allows a user to be given read-only access to the item metadata and the item content document (Word or Google) for an individual report item.

Item level Reader assignments can be applied and viewed in all of the following places:

  • Dashboard - Assignment Detail
  • Documents Overview - Item Detail
  • Template Maintenance
  • Document Assembly
  • Assignment Groups

We have added a new panel on the Dashboard named Items for Reading. Any items assigned to a user as a Reader will appear in this panel. Items will be automatically removed from this panel once the meeting date for the document they belong to has passed. However items can still be searched for from the Dashboard search even after the meeting date has passed.

Item level Reader assignments do not:

  • Have a due date
  • Need to be marked as complete or re-opened
  • Trigger assignment notifications or reminders

Access to Assignment Group Allocation on the Document Assembly Page

The Assignment Group drop down has been moved into the Assignnments panel and is now available from the Document Assembly page and the Docs Overview page, previously it was only available from the Assignment Detail page via the Dashboard.

Updating Item Content for a Document in Minutes Mode

Previously, once a document was in Minutes mode, the only way to either add a new report item or update the item content for an existing report item, was to change back to Authoring mode, reassemble, change back to Minutes mode and finally re-insert all of your minutes.

Now, if you need to add a new report item or update the item content for an existing report item, all that is required is to go the Minutes panel for the Item in the Document Assembly page and click the new Update Minutes Snapshots button.

If you are updating an existing item then no existing minutes will be lost - you will simply need to go back into minutes processing and re-insert any existing minutes - but for the updated item only.

Custom Field Based on a Group of Users

We have added a new custom field type that can be based on a group of users.

There are two parts to this enhancement. Firstly the ability to create groups of users via the User Groups button at the top of the Users page:

A user can be a member of as many groups as necessary. Adding a new User Group is simply a matter of clicking the Add button and then assigning the required users to the group. By default the users within the group will be listed in alphabetical order, but it is also possible to specify your own order for the users:

To modify an existing group simply click on the group in the list and then make changes as required:

Secondly, to create a custom field based on a user group

  1. Choose the User Group option from the Type drop down list:

  1. Select the required user group from the User Group drop down list:

  1. Configure the format for the field. You can use any combination of the following placeholder fields {name}, {position}, {directorate} and/or {department}, along with static text. An example is shown below:

To the end user applying the custom field it will just appear as a drop down list of users to select from:

Hide Item Title

2 new options have been added to Item Settings:

  • Hide Title in Authoring Mode
  • Hide Title in Minutes Mode

These settings work the same as the corresponding section level settings. That is they allow the item title to be included in the table of contents (which requires the Print Title + Include Title in TOC check boxes to be ticked) without the title actually having to appear in the assembled document.

Resolution Register Sort Order

The sorting in the Resolution Register now matches that used in Minutes Processing. Previously the Resolution Register was not taking into account the insert behaviour or custom ordering of minutes.

Reports Bug

We fixed a problem that affected the Reports area when the Include Items Excluded From Documents Overview was selected and the Reports page was closed and subsequently re-opened.