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Release Version 20.12.1

Date: 17 December 2020

FuseSign Integration - Digital Signing of Documents

This integration, developed in conjunction with the City of Hobsons Bay, was implemented to enable the electronic signing of Contract Documents created and published via Doc Assembler. The integration can be used for having electronic signatures on any documents (Agendas/Minutes etc) - For more information about FuseSign click here or Contact Harbour Software to get up and running with FuseSign.

Power BI Integration

We now provide the ability to access data for reporting purposes via Power BI - an exciting opportunity to present a visual representation of the data held within Doc Assembler.

The following is just a snippet of the type of visualisations you can unlock with the integration now provided with Microsoft Power BI. Contact Harbour Software to arrange for the integration for your site to be enabled!

Table Styles in Editor for Minutes, Custom Fields and Actions

We have made 3 border related tables styles available in the editor used for minutes, custom fields and actions: 1. No border 2. Light border (light grey coloured border) 3. Dark border (black coloured border)

Action Completed PDF - Custom Fonts In Minutes Text

When the option to include minutes in the Action Completed PDF is used, custom fonts (e.g. Lato, Roboto etc.) are now being correctly rendered in the minutes (resolution) text.

Auto Saving of Attachment Edits

When the name or confidential checkbox are modified for an attachment the changes are now automatically saved. This was done to bring it into line with other changes to attachments e.g. removal or re-ordering, and to ensure that these important changes were not inadvertently lost.

Deletion of Attachments - Causing Display Issues

We have fixed an issue where, if an attachment was deleted immediately after re-ordering of attachments, then the remaining attachments were not displayed correctly until the page was refreshed/reloaded.

Intermittent Bug With Uploading Multiple Attachments

We have stopped concurrent uploads of multiple attachments, i.e. they are now loaded one at a time, to avoid an intermittent bug with uploading of multiple "large" attachments.

We have reworked the underlying search mechanism for the Docs Overview Search in order to speed up the search and to avoid intermittent problems causing an error in the search.

Reports Module - Custom Field Ordering

Custom Fields in the output of the Reports module or now displayed in the order they've been assigned in the Custom Fields admin section.

Doc's Overview List Options - Display Meeting Type Rather Than Location

We have added a new option in System Config under the Dashboard and Docs Overview panel that allows a site to choose to display the meeting type, rather than the location, as the second line of information below the meeting title. The meeting type option will work better when Documents Overview data is viewed on a smaller device such as a mobile phone.