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Release Version 21.02.1

Date: 19 February 2021

Item Number in Report Header/Footer

We've added 3 new placeholder fields to make it possible to include the item number, item title or report number in the header or footer of officer's reports. We've also added a new button on the Style Sheet | Page Header and Page Footer tabs to show the full list of available placeholder fields.

Note that the 3 new fields ({item-number},{item-title} and {report-number}) will only display in the header/footer of the item if the following criteria is met:

  1. Section has Contains Report Items ticked
  2. Item does not have Is Not Report Item ticked
  3. Item has Page Break After - Authoring Mode or Page Break After - Minutes Mode ticked

Display Source Template on Document Assembly Page

We now display the source template on the Document Assembly page to enable you to determine which template a document was created from. This can be useful for working where to go to update assignment permissions.

Minutes Processing - Copy & Reset

We fixed a bug that was stopping the Copy & Reset function in Minutes Processing from working.

Action Register Export to PDF Cutting of Data

We've fixed a problem that caused the PDF produced from the Action Register to cut off data in some columns in certain scenarios.

Publish Destination Description

To help with identifying publish destinations we've added the ability to provide an optional description/label for a publish destination.

The description will appear in italics on the second row of the Location / Description column:

Assignment/Item Sorting

We fixed some issues with sorting of assignments/items, via the Dashboard and Docs Overview, when more than 2 levels of numbering were being used (e.g. item number 6.7.1).

TRIM/Content Manager - Always Publish to Latest Part

For sites using TRIM/Content Manager we've added a new option in Admin | System Config | TRIM Integration named Always Publish to Latest Part. The option is fairly self explanatory and only applies to sites that use parts for there file folders in TRIM/Content Manager.

Doc's Overview Item List

We fixed a problem that sometimes caused the last item on the list to be hidden under the page footer when viewing a list of items for a meeting from Doc's Overview.

Reset Minutes for a Document

We have added the ability to completely reset the minutes for a document. This will delete any minutes that have been recorded and reset things so that minute processing can commence from scratch.

The "Reset Minutes" button is located in the Settings panel of a document that is in Minutes mode:

When the button is clicked the following warning and information message will appear: