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Release Version 4.02

Date: 16th August 2016

Doc Assembler version 4.02 has been released overnight with the following enhancements:

Document Assembly

  • Introduced a new option in the Template\/Document stylesheet to allow configuration of the separator character that is inserted between the section\/item number and the title. In the past this has been set to a dot\/period. This is still the default value, however now the value can be set – effectively allowing you to remove the dot\/period if you do not want it. Example as per current default setting: “5.01. Monthly Budget Update”. Example with the dot\/period removed “5.01 Monthly Budget Update”.

  • Removed the restriction on having a page break after the Table of Contents (TOC) container item. An example of where this is useful is if you want to use the TOC on your front page and then you want a signature block from your GM\/CEO to follow immediately after the TOC.

  • Removed the leading zero’s from section and item numbers when there are 10 or more sections\/items. The only place this is still used is for attachments when publishing to Docs On Tap to ensure correct sorting of attachments in the navigation sidebar.


  • Prevented renumbering of sibling sections\/items if the number of the section or item made inactive is less than one.

  • Moved the Close\/ Cancel \/ Save \/ Refresh buttons to the top header section of the page. This was mainly done to remove the need to scroll to find the Save button, as the header panel is always visible.

  • The buttons will only appear when they are relevant – in the screenshots below from the Document Assembly page the Close button is not relevant and therefore not displayed.

  • The orange asterisk indicates unsaved changes.

  • If there are no unsaved changes the __*Cancel and Save*__ buttons will be disabled.

  • On smaller screen sizes the buttons will appear with their icon only: