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Release Version 4.03

Date: 22nd August 2016

Doc Assembler Version 4.03 was released overnight. It contains the following enhancements:

Assignment Due Dates

Preset\/default due dates for assignments have previously been set at the Section - Item Defaults level. They have now been moved to the Document level with an allowance for setting the following Due Dates:

· Document: this is the overall due date for the document e.g. the date that the agenda is considered closed for submission of reports. This date will also be used as a fall-back if any of the other due dates are not populated.

· Owner\/Co-Author: default date used for new Owner or Co-Author assignments.

· Actioner: default date for new action assignments.

· Reviewer 1: default date used for new reviewer assignments with a Workflow Order of 0 or 1.

· Reviewer 2 – 5: default date for new reviewer assignments with a corresponding Workflow Order.

· Reviewer 6: default date used for any other new reviewer assignments.

Existing documents will have the Document due date populated with the earliest due date found for the document in its Section | Item Defaults. You will need to populate the other due dates manually as required for existing documents.


  • · It is now also possible to specify the time components when setting due dates.

  • · Assignment due dates can still be overridden as required for individual assignments.

  • Because we now have multiple preset\/default due dates we have removed the Due Date field from top section of the Assignment Details and Item Details pages.

Document Assembly & Template Maintenance Page Layout

As you can see from the screen shot above we have also taken this opportunity to make a minor modification to the layout of the various settings shown when a document is selected in the Document Assembly and Template Maintenance pages. We have moved the Assembly & Publishing section up from the bottom to now follow after the new Due Dates section. The top 3 sections – Meeting\/Event Details, Due Dates and Assembly & Publishing are the 3 areas that typically need to be modified when you create a new document instance from a template on the Document Assembly page. As such they have been given a blue header colour to differentiate them from the other sections which typically only need to be modified when setting up the template in the Template Maintenance page.

Spell Checking

Browser based spell checking has been “turned on” for the various Title fields throughout the system:

Add New Item From Template

The available open documents available when officers are adding reports from the Dashboard has been further restricted based on the following additional criteria:

· The new Document due date has not yet passed.

· The document must still be in Authoring mode.

Documents Overview

Restored leading zeros for the No. column when drilling down into the list of items for a particular document. This was necessary in order to ensure correct sorting of the items on this page.