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Release Version 4.04

Date: 5th September 2016

Doc Assembler Version 4.04 was released over the weekend. It contains the following improvements:

TRIM Integration

This release includes integration with the TRIM (HP Records Manager) software including:

  • Configuration of available records types for documents and folders\/containers.

  • Searching for a folder\/container to use as a publish destination by either record number or name. Mandatory custom field data is also collected and stored against the publish destination.

  • Publishing the entire document (e.g. agenda), individual report items and attachments into TRIM.

  • _ Individual report items are related to their parent document._

  • _ Attachments are related to either the report item they belong to or their parent document._

  • _ The author field is populated for all published items._

· Loading a report attachment directly from TRIM. The TRIM document can be searched for by record number or name.


  • PDF documents produced by Docs On Tap are now in PDF\/A-1b format. This was primarily done to resolve an issue with missing fonts causing inline attachment headers and footer text to appear as a row of “dots” when viewed in certain PDF readers. However it has the added advantage of producing PDF’s in an ISO-standardised version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialised for use in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.

  • Document assembly errors:

  • _ Prevent error when adding bookmarks if there are duplicate attachment numbers._

  • _ Prevent duplicate TOC bookmark entries – caused when multiple items with long titles begin with the same 40 characters._

  • Reinstated the use of leading zeros in attachment names when publishing to Docs On Tap. This ensures correct sorting in the Docs On Tap navigation side bar.