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Release Version 4.05

Date: 22nd September 2016

A new version of Doc Assembler has been released with the following improvements:

Auto Insertion of Author Name & Attachment List

The authors name and a list of attachments can now be automatically inserted into an officer’s report by Doc Assembler.

There are 2 simple steps required for this to work. Firstly, in the Item Defaults area of the Section that will contain the report items (e.g. “Reports of Officers”) place a tick in the one or both of the new check boxes shown below:

These settings are also available at the item level, however it will not normally be required to use the settings at this level as new items will inherit the setting from their section’s Item Defaults.

Secondly, add one or both of the following placeholder fields into the appropriate Item Content Templates (Word or Google documents) where you want the author name and list of attachments to be inserted:

  • {attachment-list}

  • {author-name}

These changes should be made via the Template Maintenance page, however they can also be made for existing documents on the Document Assembly page.

The author name will be inserted by Doc Assembler when a report item is created e.g. when an officer adds a new report from the Dashboard or when a document administrator adds an item on the Document Assembly page. The author’s name will take on whatever formatting is applied to the {author-name} placeholder text in the Item Content Template.

The attachment list will be inserted by Doc Assembler when the document is assembled. It will be formatted using the font, font-size and line-height specified in the Text Editor Styles on the System Config page and will look similar to the following:

Note that the heading Attachments in the screen shot above is a part of the Item Content Template – Doc Assembler only inserts the numbered list. The full attachment number is appended to the end of the attachment name to make it easier for Docs On Tap users to locate the attachment when they swipe in the list of attachments on the navigation side bar.

Custom Fields

  • Custom fields can now be applied to an item from the Document Assembly page.

  • Fixed a problem that caused an extra blank line to be added when a custom field was applied to a document.

  • Fixed a problem that caused formatting errors when the custom field values were table rows.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing and editing of existing FTP or Email publishing destinations

  • Removed the redundant “Lapsed” checkbox from the Minutes Processing page

  • When an item assignment is deleted or marked as complete, the users permissions on the Word or Google document will not be changed to read only, if the user is also an owner of the parent document (i.e. agenda).

  • Fixed a bug that caused the pop-up dialog where the new report title is entered, to stay open after adding a new report item from the Dashboard.

Please contact us if you need assistance with any of these changes.