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Release Version 4.07

Date: 7th October 2016

Doc Assembler Version 4.07 was released overnight. It’s focus is on improving and extending the Auto Insert fields that were introduced in version 4.05. In addition to the Author Name and Attachment List fields, two new auto-insert fields are now available – Department and Position (Job Title).

Auto Insert fields must be set at the section level and apply to any items created within that section. Maintenance of auto-insert fields has been moved from the Item Defaults area into its own panel:

There is no longer any need to maintain auto-insert fields at the item level.

To assist with setting these fields up, two new fields have been added to the User Maintenance page to allow capturing of the Department and Position.

These values will be populated automatically if you use the “Add From Active Directory” feature when adding new users. Any changes to these values will need to be maintained manually within Doc Assembler.

The following placeholder fields must be added to your Item Content Templates in order to use these new fields:

  • {department}

  • {position}

Please contact us if you have any questions about these new features.