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Release Version 4.08

Date: 3rd November 2016

A new version of Doc Assembler has been released overnight. It includes the following enhancements, bug fixes and new features.

Documents Overview for Non-Admin Users

Previously the Documents Overview page was only available for Admin or System Admin users. We have had a number of requests to make a read-only version of this page available to non-admin users in order to allow them to view, but not edit, all items in an upcoming meeting agenda. In order to allow this to occur we have made the following changes:

  1. The link to access the Documents Overview page has been moved from the Admin menu to the main toolbar next to the Dashboard link:

  1. A new “Viewer” assignment type has been introduced at the document level. A user will only have the new read-only access on the Documents Overview page for documents to which they are assigned as “Viewer”. These assignments will typically be set at the template level so that they automatically flow through to any documents created from that template e.g. you might add someone as a “Viewer” to your “General Council Meeting” template, but not to your “Closed Council Meeting” template. Users assigned as to a document as an “Owner” will continue to have full access to that document on both the Document Assembly and Documents Overview pages. In the screen shot below Caroline and David are assigned as document owners, while Michael and Vikki are assigned to the new document “Viewer” role.

The read-only access for “Viewers” gives the ability to:

  • View (but not edit) the report item i.e. Word or Google document.

  • View (but not add or remove) any attachments.

  • View (but not edit) details of any associated meta-data e.g. custom fields, assignments etc.

Viewing of Permissions Queue

It is now possible to view the Permissions Queue from a new item on the Admin menu. This shows details of file sharing permission requests for Office 365 or Google Drive:

  • By default the Permissions Queue only displays any unprocessed requests.

  • A history of permission requests that have been processed can also be viewed. This defaults to showing requests processed in the last hour, but you can specify your own date range to view details of older requests (note that only permissions processed from now on will include the document title and file name).

  • The page auto updates every 10 seconds when viewing unprocessed requests.

NB: We also recently made some changes to the way that the Permissions Queue is processed that will have significantly sped up the processing of the permission requests.

Minutes Processing

Fixed a problem that prevented the pop-out Item Content window in Minutes Processing from updating when the minutes are inserted.

Other Items

  • Installed updates to the Word and PDF document processing engines that may help to improve formatting fidelity in assembled documents.

  • Fixed drag and drop of items and attachments on devices with a touch screen.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to appear when publishing a document, if you chose to mark all incomplete assignments as complete.

  • Lookup of non-existing users is no longer case sensitive when importing from Active Directory.

  • Fixed problem that caused some items not to appear in the PDF outline (bookmarks) when assembling with inline attachments.

  • Fixed problem that made TOC links not clickable when assembling with inline attachments.

  • On the Document Assembly page we have moved the documents “Archived” checkbox up next to the “Inactive” checkbox near the top of the page. This was done so that it is more obvious to use this checkbox to hide old documents, rather than the “Inactive” checkbox, which should only be used for documents that you wish to be deleted e.g. documents created in error or test\/training documents.

  • Fix for “Fast Webview” problem that affected viewing of assembled PDF’s in some older browsers.

  • Fix bug that caused an error when navigating from the Document Assembly page to the Template Maintenance page when an item was selected on the Document Assembly page.

  • Add some code to handle the Asp.NET identity IDX10311 "Require nonce...." error experienced by some sites using Active Directory integration.

  • Excluded documents that are not in authoring mode from the Documents Overview page.

  • Other miscellaneous improvements and fixes.