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Release Version 4.11

Date: 10th January 2017

Doc Assembler version 4.11 was released overnight and contains the following enhancements.

Title Placeholder

In order to alleviate problems with pagination in the assembled document, caused because Doc Assembler inserts the Item titles into your reports, you can now optionally insert a placeholder field into the Item Content Template. The placeholder field should be added at the start of the report, where Doc Assembler will insert the title when the document is assembled. When the document is assembled the placeholder field will be removed. If you are using this option then do not use the “Blank Lines After Title” option, rather add any blank lines that you want to appear after the title directly into the template, following the placeholder.

The title placeholder can be any of the following, and should be formatted to match the formatting of the title that will be inserted:





Note that the title will always be inserted at the start of the item, regardless of where you put the placeholder i.e. this new option will not allow you to have the title inserted somewhere else in the report. This is simply a placeholder to take up the space that will eventually be occupied by the title that Doc Assembler inserts.

An example of how this might look is shown below:

Auto Insert Fields – Attachment List

Firstly, we fixed a problem that caused extra blank spacing to be inserted after the attachment list. (Note that this same issue would have also caused extra blank spacing to be inserted when using the {minutes-placeholder} field in minutes processing).

Secondly, the Attachment List now has two different formatting options:

  1. Indented – this is the existing option which indents the numbered list based on the existing styles for numbered lists contained in the assembled Word document.

  1. Left Aligned – this is a new option which aligns the numbered list with the left margin and has a 1cm gap between the number and the attachment title.

Section Settings

Two changes have been made to Section Settings:

  1. “Exclude from Document Overview” has been renamed to “Include in Documents Overview”. There is no need to make any changes to existing templates or documents as this has automatically been done for you as part of the update. However when creating new templates it is going to be easier to only need to tick this checkbox for those sections where you want the items to be included in the Documents Overview – usually just your officers’ reports section/s.
  2. Require Publish Destination: when this new option is ticked a report owner/co-author will not be able to mark their assignment as complete until they have added a publish destination to the item. This option affects all items that will be created in the section being configured and will typically be set for the section/s containing officers’ reports.