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Release Version 4.12

Date: 1st February 2017


The name of an attachment can now be edited “inline”, without the need to go to a separate editing page. Simply click the Edit button to open the editor and then click the same button again to close the editor. The icon on the button changes from a pencil to a tick when the editor is open.

Changes must be saved using the Save button at the top of the page.


When publishing a document that was assembled in Minutes mode the Title for Publishing field will automatically be populated with the document title plus the text “ – Minutes”.

Reference Documents

An optional new Reference Documents section is now available for use on the Dashboard. The idea behind this section is to allow an organisation to make appropriate reference documentation available to your users directly in the Doc Assembler Dashboard e.g. a list of meeting dates for the year, a Council style guide or customised instructions for using Doc Assembler. To use this new section the Use Reference Documents setting in the new Dashboard panel on the System Config page must be checked. The default label that will be used on the Dashboard is “Reference Documents” – however you can modify this as required using the ‘Reference Documents’ Label field.

Reference Documents can only be uploaded and maintained by System Admin users. This is done directly in the Reference Documents section on the Dashboard. Uploading, removing or changing the name of Reference Documents works in the same way as it does for report item attachments. Reference Documents are displayed in alphabetical order. The view that a System Admin user will see is shown below.

Reference Documents will be displayed to all users. The view that non System Admin users will see is shown below. In order to view a document the user simply needs to click on the document name.

My Documents

A new option in the Dashboard section of the System Config page allows you to hide the My Documents section from the Dashboard if your organisation does not utilise it (My Documents is used to create documents from Simple Structure templates).


  • Fixed a bug that prevented existing publish destinations from being loaded on the Assignment Details page.
  • Added the Bcc field to email publish destinations.
  • Minutes Processing: better handle soft line breaks (Shift + Enter) when processing {recommendation-start/end} and {remove-from-minutes-start/end} tags.
  • Restrict Item and Section title length to 250 characters.