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Release Version 4.13

Date: 28th February 2017

Minutes Processing

  • If you switch out of Minutes mode, back to Authoring mode and then back to Minutes mode again – the “Inserted” flag will be cleared on all existing minutes.
  • Further fixes to issues with the insertion of extra line breaks when bringing the recommendation into the {resolution} placeholder field.

Note that these changes may require formatting changes in your minute types.

  • Added the “Insert” button to the Minutes Input tab – so now you can insert minutes without having to go the Minutes Review tab. You can still use the Minutes Review tab if you have multiple minutes for a particular item and you want to view them all at the same time.
  • Allow for leading spaces on the line that contains the {remove-from-minutes-start/end} placeholder fields.
  • tem Content window that opens in a separate page:
  • Removed Doc Assembler header and footer.
  • Added item title to top of page
  • The placeholder fields ({recommendation-start}, {remove-from-minutes-start} etc.) are now hidden.
  • Added an option, set via the Minutes panel on the System Config page, to automatically scroll the display report item to the bottom.

Simple Structure Templates/My Documents

It is now possible to use spreadsheets with Simple Structure templates that are used in the My Documents area of the Dashboard.

Existing spreadsheets can be loaded up using the Item Content Upload button:

Or a new blank spreadsheet can be created by choosing the new “Spreadsheet” option when adding a new document:


  • Fixed a problem with book mark nesting levels when uploading a modified Word document on the Document Assembly page.
  • Fixed some issues with publishing to TRIM.