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Release Version 4.16

Date: 23rd May 2017

PDF Assembly Format (PDF/A)

A while ago we started automatically converting assembled PDF documents into PDF/A format. This was done to work around a problem that some sites were experiencing with headers and footers on inline attachments – and also as it seemed to make sense to produce the documents in PDF/A format for long term archival purposes. The disadvantage of PDF/A format is that it takes quite a bit longer to assemble the document and it may also increase the file size of the assembled document. We have recently been able to resolve the inline attachments headers and footers issue, so we have now made the assembly in PDF/A format optional. The option is available under the Document/Template Settings area.

Table of Contents

When an item title in the table of contents wraps around to a second line it will now line up with the start of the item title on the previous line – rather than lining up under the item number. In addition to dealing with the line wrapping issue, you will also notice a general improvement in the alignment of items in each indentation level of the table of contents.

The screenshot below shows an example of the changes.Note that in this example the second level item indentation is set to 38 pts in the Style Sheet


Section and Item Titles in Assembled Documents

A similar change has been made to Section and Item titles that wrap onto a second line in the assembled document.

Attachment Convert to PDF

Conversion of attachments to PDF now supports Excel and PowerPoint files, in addition to Word and various image formats.

Attachment Options for Assembled Documents

A third option has been introduced for attachments when assembling documents. The new option causes a separate PDF document to be assembled containing just the attachments that are in PDF format.

The 3 available options are as follows:

  1. Multi: the default mode where attachments are not included in the assembled document.
  2. Inline: all attachments in PDF format will be included inline in the assembled document.
  3. Single: a separate PDF document will be generated that contains all attachments that are in PDF format.

A drop down list containing the 3 options replaces the “Inline Attachments” checkbox. The mode that was used when assembling the document is contained in the “Attachments” column,

You can get an explanation of the 3 modes from within Doc Assembler by clicking the “Info” button next to the drop down list.

In order to view the separate attachments PDF generated by the “Single” option click on the link in the Attachments column:

The PDF generated by the “Single” option will include a front page with the name of the (agenda) document and a table of contents that lists the attachments that it contains, grouped by item.