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Release Version 4.17

Date: 23rd June 2017


Enhancement To Template Maintenance - any changes that are made at the section level to template assignments will now flow through to all current documents that were created from that template.

This enhancement removes the need to maintain assignments (at the section level) for existing documents in the Document Assembly area. For example, if you have a new user that you need to give the ability to create reports go to the Template Maintenance page, add a Content Creator assignment to the appropriate section, and all documents that were created from that template will be automatically updated with the changes made.

Key points:

  • This works for any assignment type (at the section level):Content Creator, Co-Author and Reviewer/Approver.
  • Additions, deletions and modifications to assignments will all flow through.
  • Note, that after modifying assignments on a template, you may need to reload Doc Assembler in order to see the changes that are made against linked documents.


We fixed two issues that raised regarding the reporting module:

  1. On the initial page where you choose which data to load, we made the date range picker work more intuitively.
  2. If you export the report data to PDF it will now appear exactly as it does on screen in relation to which levels that you have expanded.
  3. The Reports module is now accessed from a button on the main toolbar – rather than via the Admin menu. This makes the Reports module open to all users. However a user will only be able to report on data for documents (e.g. a meeting agenda) to which they have been assigned as an Owner or Viewer. This follows the same pattern already established for the Doc’s Overview page.

Placeholder Fields

We have enabled some alternative wording for the placeholder fields used in Item Content Templates. This has been done in order to give you the option of making it more obvious to end users to leave the placeholders alone. We have included a full list of all available placeholder fields and their alternative wording in the table below.

Field Name Alternative Wording
{minute-placeholder} {minutes-placeholder}{minute-placeholder-do-not-remove}{minutes-placeholder-do-not-remove}
{recommendation-start} {recommendation-start-do-not-remove}
{recommendation-end} {recommendation-end-do-not-remove}
{remove-from-minutes-start} {remove-from-minutes-start-do-not-remove}
{remove-from-minutes-end} {remove-from-minutes-end-do-not-remove}
{attachment-list} {attachment-list-do-not-remove}
{title} {title-do-not-remove}{title-auto-inserted-by-system}{title-will-be-inserted-by-system-do-not-remove}

Assembled Documents PDF Outline (Bookmarks)

  • We fixed a bug that caused bookmark entries not to appear in certain circumstances.