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Release Version 4.18

Date: 25th July 2017

Action List

When you click the Show Completed button on the Action List you will now see a date picker where you can set the start date for completed actions.

The “Show completed from” date defaults to 1 month ago. An example of usage for this new feature is to run a report on all outstanding actions plus those completed since the last time the action list was run.

We now show the action completed date on the screen (instead of the check box) – and have made a similar change in the PDF that is produced.

We still have plans to move the Action List reporting into the Reports module in future, to enable more sophisticated reporting options for actions, however this small improvement will make the existing action list more useful.

Minutes Processing

Fixed a long standing bug that caused the insertion of the Left Meeting and Returned to Meeting text not to work in certain circumstances when you clicked the tick in the Left and Returned columns:

Integration with Objective

For those customers that use Objective, this version provides the “first cut” of integration with the Objective enterprise content management system.

Publishing of Individual Items

Fixed a bug that caused comments not to be removed when publishing individual officer’s reports.

Inline Attachment Bookmarks

The bookmarks inserted for inline attachments now correctly navigate to the respective attachment. In version 4.17 we made a related change which made the text displayed for the inline attachment bookmarks more user friendly - while still ensuring that they are unique.