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Release Version 4.19

Date: 20th September 2017


Enhancement To Template Maintenance- any changes that are made at the document level to template assignments will now flow through to all current documents that were created from that template.

This is a follow-on from a similar enhancement made in version 4.17 that related to assignments made at the section level. As a result this effectively removes the need to maintain any assignments for existing documents in the Document Assembly area.

Key points:

  • This works for any Owner & Viewer assignments at the document level.
  • Additions, deletions and modifications to assignments will all flow through.
  • Note, that after modifying assignments on a template, you may need to reload Doc Assembler in order to see the changes that are made against linked documents.

Multiple assignment roles: we now prevent a user from assigning multiple roles e.g. owner and reviewer to an assignment. Doing so had the potential to cause problems with assignment notifications not being sent.

Integration with Objective

For those customers that use Objective, this release provides the final version of integration with the Objective enterprise content management system.

Attachment List

Addressed two issues when the Left Aligned option was selected for the auto-insert attachment list:

  • Numbering in the attachment list was not restarting from 1 in certain scenarios
  • When a long attachment name wraps onto a second line the alignment is improved.

Integration with TRIM

  • TRIM publish destinations set up on a template will now flow through to any documents created from the template.
  • New option to include the document title as part of the report title when publishing to TRIM.

Reports Module

Fixed a problem that caused the system to go very slow when closing out of the Reports area after searching for an individual item.


  • Fixed a bug with automatic renumbering of sub-sections.
  • Fixed a bug related to auto-insert fields for Office 365.
  • Made some configuration changes to prevent a data size error when applying custom fields to Office 365 documents.