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Release Version 4.20

Date: 13th October 2017

Attachment Collaboration

Harbour Software is pleased to incorporate into this release a significant enhancement based around attachment collaboration. We would like to acknowledge the assistance and input provided by the City of Boroondara in contributing towards the development of this new feature.

The purpose of this enhancement is to allow attachments to be “working documents” during the authoring and review/approval workflow. Particularly to cater for the situation where the attachment contains the substance of the officer’s report, while the report itself functions more as a “covering letter” e.g. submission of a policy for ratification by council.

When adding an attachment a new button labelled “COLLABORATE” is now available.

When this button is clicked the user is presented with 3 options:

  • New Document : when this option is selected a blank Word or Google Doc document will be created.
  • New Spreadsheet : when this option is selected a blank Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet will be created.
  • Browse : when this option is selected the user will be able to upload an existing Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

Once the attachment is added using one of the 3 methods listed above the document or spreadsheet can be accessed by clicking on the attachment name. The attachment will then be opened to view or edit in either the Office 365 or Google Docs viewer/editor. Viewing and editing permissions on the attachment will be managed by Doc Assembler and will match the permissions on the Item (officer’s report) that the attachment belongs to.

When the document that that the attachment belongs to is assembled the attachment will be converted to PDF based on the “Convert to PDF” setting at the time the attachment was initially created.

New Page After

We have renamed the existing “New Page After” setting to “New Page After Authoring Mode” and added a new setting named “New Page After Minutes Mode”. This was done to allow you to have the minutes for each officer’s report flow on without page breaks in your assembled minutes document, while still having each officers report start on a new page in your assembled agenda. This setting exists at the Item level and at the Section | Item Defaults level. Unless you still want a new page after each officer’s report in your assembled minutes then you will not need to make any changes to your templates to utilise this new feature.

Minute Processing

  • Prevented a blank line from being added to the end of each of the Word snapshot documents used for Minutes Processing. This will help to avoid a problem that caused additional blank lines being added to inserted minutes.
  • Automatically save when clicking the Insert button in Minutes Processing.


  • Fixed a bug with the combination of the Full Page and Assemble in Minutes Mode settings that caused a blank page at the start of the assembled document.