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Release Version 4.21

Date: 23rd November 2017


Assignments will now only be sorted into order once the Save button is clicked. In the past assignments were dynamically sorted as soon as the assignment type checkbox was selected. This should provide for a better user experience when adding or modifying assignments.

Custom Fields

For Office 365 customers it is now possible to update custom field values using the Custom Fields panel. In the past the only way to update a custom field, with the exception of “Info Only” fields, was to manually modify the value directly in the document. This had the potential to decrease the value of the custom fields data for reporting purposes – and also was a more manual process on the part of the user.


It is now possible to delete and upload a modified version of an attachment after the document has been published. A change introduced a while back caused an error to be raised in this situation.

Publish Destinations

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to delete a publish destination in certain scenarios.
  • We are now fully copying all infoXpert publish destination data from the template when creating a new document.