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Release Version 4.23

14th February 2018

Generation of Item Draft

An new feature has been added which allows a draft copy of an item (officer’s report) to be generated. The draft will be in PDF format and include:

  • Page headers and footers
  • Item title
  • Attachment list
  • All attachments inline i.e. following the content of the item

The generated PDF will effectively be the same document that would be published when the “Publish Individual Items” option is selected.

The ability to generate a draft must be turned on at the individual user level. If you require all your existing users to have access to this new feature then please send an email to and we will run a behind the scenes update to turn this setting on for all of your users.

User detail page:

The button to generate the draft will appear in the following places:

  • Assignment Detail page – accessed via the Dashboard
  • Item Detail page – accessed via Docs Overview
  • Document Assembly page

Document Assembly page:

Meeting Details – Auto Insert Fields

We have added the following extra options related to meeting details auto insert fields:

  • Meeting Location – this allows you to insert the location details from the specified venue.
  • Meeting Date Format – gives you the ability to specify the format of the date that will be inserted into your document.
  • Meeting Time Format – gives you the ability to specify the format of the time that will be inserted into your document.

Please refer to the online user guide for examples of valid date and time format strings.

Action Processing

When drilling down into the list of actions for a particular meeting document from the Dashboard, the displayed list of actions now includes columns with details of the Action Required and Action Taken.

Custom Fields – Append Auto Incrementing Number

A new option has been added to custom fields to allow an auto-incrementing number to be appended to the selected custom field value.

The option is activated by putting a tick in the “Append Auto Incrementing Number” checkbox on the Custom Field Detail page.

You can also specify the next number for each available custom field value. In the example shown below the next time the custom field shown was applied to an item by a user the value inserted would be “FR380013”.

Re-opening Assignments

We closed an unintended “loophole” which allowed a user to re-open their own assignment. Now, once an assignment has been marked as complete, it will not be possible for that user to re-open any other assignments for that item, including their own.