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Release Version 4.24

6th March 2018

Improvements to Speed of Loading Data

We have made improvements to the loading speed in the following places in Doc Assembler.

  • Document Assembly / Template Maintenance
  • Selection of a document from the Document List
  • Selection of a section from the Document List
  • Selection of an item from the Document List
  • Dashboard | Assignment List - clicking on the gear icon or number of attachments to open the Assignment Details page
  • Docs Overview | Item List - clicking on the gear icon or number of attachments to open the Item Details page

In each of these places the first time the particular area was accessed it took a while to display due to the way that the data was being loaded.

Document Assembly

  • Added a new Only Apply Prefix to Items option to Section Settings. When this checkbox is ticked any number prefix for the section will only be applied to items within that section i.e. it will not be applied to the section itself.

  • Added extra notification messages to the "Saving Changes" stage at the end of the process of assembling a document. This is the point where all of the required assignment permissions are queued up for processing and can take a couple of minutes, depending on the number of owner and viewer assignments that the document contains. Because of the length of time taken some sites were thinking that Doc Assembler had stopped working. This then led to additional problems with duplicated documents if the user reloaded Doc Assembler before the document had finished assembling. The extra notification messages give better feedback on what is happening and will help to avoid mistakenly thinking that the system is "hanging". NB. In order to avoid notification messages wrapping onto multiple lines the messages have been moved from the bottom right of the page to the bottom centre of the page.

Action Processing

Document administrators now have the ability to mark another user's assignment as complete on the Action Processing page.

Copying an Item

  • Custom field selections are now copied over when an item is copied.
  • A new "Keep Original Owner" option has been added when copying an item. This is intended to cater for the situation where an administrator is copying a report item for another user, and wants to retain the original owner for the copied report, rather than having themselves assigned as the owner.

TRIM Integration

When configuring Document Record Types you are now have two options:

  1. Is For Publishing: this corresponds to the existing behaviour and makes the selected record type available to apply to a document when specifying a publish destination.
  2. Is For Attachment Search: this is a new option that allows you to specifiy which containers will be searched when loading an attachment from TRIM.


  • Fixed a bug with inline attachment bookmark hierarchy when uploading modified assembled word document.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of completed Peer Reviewer (Collaborator2) assignments.
  • Arial Narrow has been added to the list of available fonts.