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Release Version 4.25

12th April 2018

Searching from the Dashboard

A user can now search through any of their report item assignments via the new Search box located at the top left of the Dashboard page. In the example below the user has entered the search term "budget" in the search box. Doc Assembler will search all report items that have been assigned to the user as either Owner, Co-Author, Peer Reviewer or Approver/Reviewer and return any that contain the search term in their title.

We have added a new "Search Results" tab to display the results of the search.

The search results list is almost identical to the assignment list that is displayed when you drill down on a document from the Dashboard, with the addition of the document name in the first column. From there you can click on the Title of a report to view the underlying Word or Google document or click on the gear icon or number of attachments to enter the Assignment details page.

The search results default to being sorted in either alphabetical order of document name OR meeting date order - depending on the user's selection using the button to the immediate right of the search box. You can toggle the sorting of the search results using this button. Alternatively you can also sort the search results by clicking on one of the column headers.

In addition to searching the title it is also possible to include the values of one or more custom fields in the search. In order to enable this feature an administrator must tick the Include In Item Search checkbox for the required custom field. Note that only custom field values applied after this check box has been ticked will be available for searching.


A new "Copy Minute" feature has been added to the Minutes Processing area. This enables you to make a copy of the selected minute. Any placeholder fields will be restored in the copied minute i.e. mover, seconder, for, against, abstained and time. The screenshots below show firstly the minute to be copied and then the resulting copied minute:

We have also added a count to the label on the drop down list used to change between minutes, when an item has multiple minutes, to make it more obvious that is the purpose fo the drop down list. Each item on the list also has been prefixed with a number to cater for the case when you have multiple minutes with the same minute type.

It is now possible to view a PDF of the assembled minutes for an individual report item:

A new option has been added to System Config | Minutes to allow a custom label to be specified for the Abstained column on the Minutes Processing page.

Other Changes

  • The "Include in Documents Overview" option at the section level has been renamed "Contains Report Items" to better reflect its intent. This option still controls which items will appear on the Document Overview page, but will also be used of other purposes in future.
  • A blue colour has been added to the list of available Calendar Colours when configuring the Meeting/Event Details for a document.
  • When a report item is moved or copied to another document any assignments will have their due dates set to the corresponding due dates of the target document.
  • Removed extra unwanted paragraph that, in certain scenarios, was added to the end of the inserted text when custom fields or minutes were inserted.
  • Added a new Reminders panel to the System Config page to enable each site to specify the "from" email address details for reminder emails. The default values are shown in the screen shot below: