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Release Version 4.26

9th May 2018

Action Processing

When an administrator is assigning out actions on the Actions Processing page, only report items in a section with the "Contains Report Items" checkbox ticked will be listed on the "Item Number & Title" drop down list. This removes unnecessary items like Front Page, Table of Contents etc. from this drop down list.


Each time a user records action taken it is now stored as a discrete entry that includes the name of the user recording the action and the date that the action was recorded. The screen shot below shows how the layout of the action processing page has been modified slightly to accommodate this change. In order to record action taken a user must click the Add button in the new Action Taken panel.The layout of action taken displayed in the Action List, including the PDF, has now also been improved to reflect this change:


A new optional Action Status can now be recorded against each action. In order to "turn on" this feature the Use Action Statuses checkbox must be ticked on the System Config page. Once this is done a new Action Statuses entry will appear on the Admin menu allowing each site to define their own list of statuses. These could be text entries like "Pending", "Waiting on Third Party", "Completed" etc. or even percentage values like "25%", "50%" etc. The order in which the statuses should be listed can also be configured. The first listed status will become the default status, if no other entry is selected.

When this feature is turned on a drop down list will appear in the Action Details panel where the user can select the appropriate status. This status will then be included in the Action List.

Minute Processing

It is now possible to change the minute type of an existing minute. When doing so the user will be asked whether or not they want the text of the existing minute to be replaced with the template related to the new minute type.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the orange loading spinner to remain showing when clicking Close from the publishing page.
  • Updated the text editor used in various places including minute processing, action processing and custom field setup. The major change is improved pasting from Word. When pasting from Word the user will now be asked whether or not they want to keep the Word formatting. Keeping the Word formatting will mean that things like numbered lists will paste in correctly (note that roman numerals are not supported in the editor at this stage).
  • Added a new feature that allows implementation of a unique report number for each officer's report. Please contact the Harbour Software support desk for more information if you are interested in using this feature.